Nontraditional Student Services

Many Adult Learners have made the decision to continue their education after a hiatus from high school, while raising families, or after being in the military.

These students often juggle a job, family, and full academic course load as well as possibly having a lengthy commute to and from campus.  Adult learners (also known as a non-traditional students) are a large and growing segment of the student body. In Spring of 2013, there were 330+ undergraduate students enrolled who are 24 years of age and up. 

A student is defined as an adult learner if he or she meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • 24 years of age or older
  • has had at least a two year break in his or her education,
  • holds a GED rather than a high school diploma,
  • married or
  • single with dependents.  


To help you with your college experience, we've supplied some PDF's that you can download and print, pages (see left) dedicated to the student-run Adult Learner Association (ALA) and the national honor society for adult learner's-Omicron Psi.

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