Student Health Advisory Council

SHAC is an organization composed of students that advise the Director of Student Health. It makes recommendations to on policies, helps settle complaints, and makes the final decision on appeals for Student Health Fee waivers.  Members also evaluate and recommend the components of the optional Student Health Insurance Plan and sit on the search committee for hiring new staff at Student Health Services. 

Any student is welcome to serve on SHAC.  Members volunteer from the first year, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate student classes.  Members learn about the provision of healthcare and the health insurance industry in the US, and may gain insight into the health professions.  The council meets once per month for an hour.  If you are interested in serving on SHAC, please contact the director of Student Health Services, Richard E. Moose, MD, at

Current SHAC Members

  • Tanasia Betts
  • Lauren Croniser
  • Kathryn Graham
  • Laura Popielski
  • Kassandra Rosado
  • Laurene Tuidor
  • Brynna Venoski
  • John C. Welch

Faculty/Staff Advisors

  • Sean Partridge - Collegiate Science and Technology Program
  • Kathleen O’Rourke - Dept. of Community Health
  • Ada Law - Student Health Services
  • Bridget Bradish - Student Health Services

Please contact any of the people on SHAC to have your suggestions or concerns about Student Health Services reviewed.