Meal Plans

Keeping in mind that there are approximately 110 days in the academic semester, the number of meals you choose to have available on your meal plan is an individual decision.

All students who live on campus are required to buy a residential meal plan unless they have satisfied the residency requirement and live in a town house or a Lehman apartment. If you do not select a meal plan, you will be assigned the 14 Meal plan (14weekly meals and 100 Flex Credits) and billed accordingly.

All campus meal plans are designed to provide a broad range of dining services for our campus customers. In addition to the cost of ingredients and service labor the meal plans must also cover over-head & program expense that have been approved by the PACES Board of Directors.

When choosing what plan is best for you think about how much time you expect to spend away from campus as well as your eating habits:

  • Are you a heavy eater or a light eater?
  • What is more important to you: maximum value or maximum convenience?
  • Where and when will you want to eat your meals?


Our meal plans contain three accounts: Meals, Flex Credits and Guest Passes 

Meals are allocated per week or semester (depending on the plan.) A meal is one entry to Lehman Dining Center or a $6.25 credit towards purchases made at selected campus restaurants.

Flex is a declining balance account that can be used at any dining location at any time. It is allocated per semester.

Guest Passes are allocated per semester for entry to Lehman. Take a friend to dinner or lunch at Lehman)

Meal plan selection is subject to review and audit by the SUNY Card office and is based on room assignments and completion of the residency requirement. Students who are determined to be in contradiction with these terms will be defaulted to the 14 Meal Plan (14weekly meals and 100 Flex Credits)