Student Nutrition Action Committee

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase the awareness and consumption of healthy food options. We hope to increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods and decrease the amount of preserved and processed foods consumed by students. To do this, we are working with a $20,000 Learn and Serve grant from the CUNY Graduate Center in New York.

Organizational Goals

We are hoping to get students to think about their health and have them make the choice to eat healthy. SNAC intends to set up a number of events with other groups to achieve this goal. Those involved in the group will have the opportunity to work with their colleagues to help their peers become more health conscious and get them thinking about their own nutritional practices.

Recent Activities

  • created motivational posters about healthy eating

  • distributed literature about the benefits of certain fruits and vegetables

  • offered free fresh fruit at a table in the Student Union

Contact Information

CSTEP Office, Sean Partridge: S214 Sisson Hall, (315) 267-2192  e-mail:  

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