Pagan Studies Organization (PSO)

Mission Statement

The purpose of the PSO shall be threefold: 

Intellectual: to provide a safe and friendly forum for the discussion of pagan beliefs, religions, rituals, and interests; 

Social: to provide a place where pagans and the curious can meet and get to know people with similar world views or experience those with differing world views; and 

Multi-cultural relations: to help educate the public about the diverse ideological systems and to promote religious, spiritual, and philosophical tolerance.  These objectives can be fulfilled through weekly discussions, special lectures, and whatever activities the membership deems appropriate.

Club Goals

To learn through each other. Students present their research on or about their own beliefs through workshops and tutorials.

Workshops That Have Been Done Previously:

-What is Paganism?

Discussed that Paganism is determined based on what a person believes and that looking up definitions online, or in dictionaries, does the actual idea of the belief system justice. The Fall 2005 e-board presented this discussion to the membership and towards the end of the presentation we discovered that Paganism can not be defined for it is a way of life defined by the practitioner.

-Henna Tattoos and the Danger of Black Henna

While applying Henna Tattoos to each other, the student presenter handed out packets and talked with us about what Henna to avoid [Black Henna] and why.

Recent Activities

  • Trip to the Rochester Pagan Pride Festival. Many vendors, workshops, and lots of food and fun. Guest Speakers included Gavin and Yvonne Frost and Patricia Telesco. Admission was canned food and donations that benefited AIDS research.
  • Trip to Cortland, NY to partake in the 2nd Annual Psychic Fair & New Age Market. Members who went had readings, reiki healings, and enjoyed the many vendors that presented themselves.
  • Massena Psychic Fair held at The Whispering Willow in Massena, New York. The members who went had the chance to meet local psychics from around the area.
  • Samhain Ritual held at Suzanne McDermott's home in Gouverneur, New York. Members participated in a ritual celebrating the Pagan New Year. Suzanne McDermott is the President of the Circle of All Paths Organization.

Contact Info

Aol: Potsdam PSO