Madstop Records

About Madstop

Madstop Records is a not-for-profit record label that places emphasis on supporting the music community and educating its members on practices of the music industry.  We are comprised entirely of an ambitious group of Upstate New York College students, under the guidance of Music Business Department Chair, Carol Britt.  Many of the members are pursuing degrees in Music and Business.  We support the burgeoning local music scene by producing live events, promoting music and recording music artists.  In the endeavors, our members mentor each other, do research on industry methods and get hands on experience running a music label.


Organizational Goals

We are always looking for new artists to join us in sharing the music.  If you are an artist interested in recording tracks for a compilation/EP, produce a full album, or put on a concert, our members are here to help you.

For students interested in beginning a career in music, we provide the opportunity to get experience in:

  • Audio Engineering/Sound
  • Marketing
  • Concert Production
  • Artist Relations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Internet/Computing Technology
  • Leadership
  • Group Work


Recent Activities

  • Battle of the Bands
  • Marketed, promoted, recorded, produced, and released Morphium Theory.


Contact Information

Email the executive board at or contact the group advisor, Carol "Kickie" Britt at


Additional Links

Facebook: Madstop Records