English and Communication Student Organization (ECSO)

Mission Statement

  •     ECSO is here to keep English and Communication majors/minors involved in out-of-class activities. 
  •     Introduce non-majors/minors to the department. 
  •     To help students get to know the professors in the English and Communication Department. 
  •     To share the passion and love for grammar, words, and speaking. 
  •     To introduce students to possible careers in the fields of English and Communication. 
  •     To practice many communication skills that will prove helpful in a career. 
  •     To provide a leadership opportunity for all students. 

Recent ECSO Activities

  • Two yearly book sales. One in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. Books are donated by students and professors.
  • Candy-Grams at Halloween. Students buy a bag of candy and fill out a name tag. The candy is then delivered to that student's mailbox.
  • A poetry slam held in the Spring Semester. Students come to Dexter's Cafe and read a piece of poetry (either an original piece or one previously written).
  • Meet and Greet with the professors of the English and Communication Department. During the Meet and Greet, students get the chance to meet SUNY Potsdam faculty members/professors that they may have in the future.
  • End of spring semester picnic with the professors. This is a good way to have fun before exams start and possibly talk to those professors about your marks!
  •     Guest Speakers. ECSO tries to get authors and speakers to come and talk to students on campus or read some of their work. 


Contact Information

Advisor: Nancy Berbrich
Phone: (315) 267-2194
E-mail: berbrina@potsdam.edu
Office: 241 Morey Hall

Club e-mail: ecso@potsdam.edu
Club Office: 229 Morey Hall

SUNY Potsdam
9019 Barrington Drive
Potsdam, NY 13676 

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