Black Student Alliance (BSA)

BSA Mission Statement

The Black Student Alliance (BSA) of SUNY Potsdam, functions as an umbrella organization, which strives to inform and embrace the College as well as surrounding communities. The goal of BSA is to educate, enlighten and unify persons of African and ethnic descent as well as persons from all walks of life. In doing so, BSA hopes to raise awareness of Black history and culture.

Recent BSA Activities

    * Welcome Back Party
    * Halloween Party
    * Black Solidarity Day
    * Hip Hop Month
    * Thanksgiving Dinner
    * Annual Kwanzaa Ball
    * Black History Month
    * Annual Fashion Show
    * Annual White Party
    * Open Mics
    * Panel Discussions & Forums

Contact Info

BSA Office: Sisson Hall 202
BSA Phone Number: x2703