Knowles Hall

Knowles Hall is home to more than 500 students annually. Its close proximity to the Crane School of Music makes Knowles a popular choice among music majors.

This quad is divided into two separate halls, Knowles South (KS) and Knowles North (KN).

What You Should Know About:

The Knowles Complex

  • Special Housing:
    Study Intensive:
    The west wing of Knowles South is a study-intensive area; residents establish their own standards for acceptable noise levels. Thus, this area is characterized as having extensive "quiet hours" that should be respected.
  • Wired, plugged in and ready to go! All rooms/suites in Knowles are ready to meet your communication needs, being equipped with cable TV and the Internet access through Time Warner.Knowles Residence Hall
  • Laundry services: When the smell of your dirty laundry starts keeping you awake at night, never fear: there are laundry rooms located on the ground floor. Washers and dryers do not cost any additional money for residential students and are covered by the room charge.
  • Campus Smoking Policy: All areas of the hall are smoke free; smoking is also not permitted within 50 feet of the building.
  • Multi-purpose Room: For all of your study and entertainment needs, Knowles is home to a large multipurpose room that can be used for conferences, programs and/or meetings.
  • Recreation Equipment: When you've been reading for hours and suddenly realize that your mind is feeling a bit mushy, it's time to utilize all of the great equipment Knowles has: a pool table, ping pong table, DVD player, Playstation 2, board games and sleds for when winter hits the north country!
  • Kitchen Facility: Think you can wow Emeril with your fantastic culinary talent? Whether you want to "kick it up a notch" or get cozy with some Chef Boyardee, a community kitchen is available for use.
  • Vending Machines: Need some Doritos to go with your beef ravioli? For your convenience, several vending machines have been placed within each hall so you can grab a snack whenever you need one. These operate on your choice of cash or Bear Express
  • Marshall Park: After staring at your computer screen for hours, why not take a break and kick back with nature? Knowles South conveniently overlooks Marshall Park, a beautifully landscaped area that includes a pond, which is home to a variety of local wildlife.
  • Housing Schedule: The entire complex closes for Thanksgiving recess, Winter/Semester break, and Spring recess. Students who need housing during these times (other than students registered for Winterim classes) need to contact the Residence Life Office.
  • Housing is done in Knowles South, co-ed by alternating rooms.

Quick Reference Guide for Knowles Complex:

Knowles South
Knowles North
Who lives there?

Co-ed or single sex floors?



Suites available?

Yes: 6th Floor - 2 & 4 person suites

No:building is two-story, corridor style

Room Dimensions

Double: 10' 8" x 17' 3"
Triple: 16' 9" x 15' 10"
Suite w/o Bath: 17' 10" x 7' 6"

Single: 16' 6" x 8' 2"
Double: 10' 8" x 17' 3"
Triple: 16' 9" x 15' 10"

Floor to ceiling dimensions

8 ft. high

8 ft. high

Window measurements

Double: 5' 2" x 5' 7"
Triple: 5' 2" x 5' 7"
Suite: 8' 6" x 3' 6"

Single: 5' 2" x 5' 7"
Double: 5' 2" x 5' 7"
Triple: 5' 2" x 5' 7"