Bowman Hall

Bowman Hall Residence

The Bowman complex is our largest residential area on campus, housing approximately 700 students.

It is divided into three separate residential areas: Bowman East (BE), Bowman South (BS) and Bowman West (BW).  The lower 2 floors of Bowman South will re-open after having been closed this past year for renovations.  Bowman East and West are home to our First Year Experience (FYE) program and is reserved only for first-year students participating in the FYE Program.

What you should know about:

The Bowman Complex

Special Housing

  • First Year Experience Program (FYE): All of Bowman East and West are reserved for our FYE students.
  • Arts Floor: FYE also houses students interested in the visual arts, dance, drama and music.
  • Honors Floor: FYE is also home to some of our students enrolled in the Honors Program.
  • Substance Free: Students residing in this designated area all agree to live free of alcohol, tobacco and drugs (except legitimate medications). The area within Bowman that is substance free is the sixth and fifth floors of Bowman South.
  • Wired, plugged in and ready to go! All rooms/suites in Bowman are ready to meet your communication needs, being equipped with cable TV and the Internet access through Time Warner.
  • Laundry services: When that dirty laundry begins to block the doorway, never fear: there are laundry rooms located within the building.  Some of the laundry rooms are located on the ground floor and other areas have laundry rooms right on each floor.. There is no additional charge for laundry services as it is already covered by the room charge.
  • Campus Smoking Policy: All areas of the hall are smoke free; smoking is also not permitted within 50 feet of the building.
  • Recreation room: Take a break from all those quantum physics' theories and head down to one of the Recreation rooms in the building.  The Recreation room provides students with space to play pool, darts, ping pong, air hockey and more.
  • Kitchen Facility: Feel like trying out that new Rachel Ray recipe? Whether you want to make chicken cordon bleu or Chef Boyardee;, a community kitchen is located in each section of Bowman.
  • Vending Machines: Need some Doritos; to go with your beef ravioli? For your convenience, several vending machines have been placed within each hall so you can grab a snack-whenever you need one.  Vending machines operate on your choice of cash or Bear Express.
  • Storage: Need somewhere to store your off season clothes? (We understand-you brought it just in case!) Long-term storage is available but limited; please contact a res life staff member for more info regarding storage areas.
  • Housing Schedule: The entire complex closes for Thanksgiving recess, Semester/Winter Break, and Spring recess.  Students who need housing during these times (other than students who are registered for Winterim classes) need to contact the Office of Residence Life.


Quick Reference Guide for Bowman Complex:

  Bowman East
Bowman South
Bowman West
Who lives there?
FYE Students
First Year  Students to Graduate Students
FYE Students
Co-Ed or Single sex floors?
Single Sex Floors
Co-Ed Floors
Single Sex Floors
Suites available?
No Yes

Room dimensions

16' 8" x 10' 6"
Single: 10' 5.5" x 7' 6"
Double: 16' 8" x 11'

16' 8" x 10' 6"
Floor to ceiling dimensions
8 ft. high 8 ft. high 8 ft. high 
Window Measurements



9' 5 1/4" x 3' 4 3/8 "



9' 5 1/4 " x 3'  4 3/8 "

7th Floor:

9' 3 1/4 " x 4'  5 3/4 "
9' 5 1/4 " x 3' 4 3/8 "