Housing & Room Assignments

Room Assignments

Room assignments for all students will be available on BearPAWS starting August 1st.

New Student Housing

New students will get housing information through the admissions office.  Instructions are also available here.  Housing assignments are made based on the date your request housing.  Requests for on campus housing are done through your BearPAWS account.  Every effort will be made to house students based on their preferences, however, later housing preferences may be more difficult to honor.  We will not be able to accept any changes to already submitted roommate requests after June 1st.

Returning Student Housing Process

General Information

A $50.00 housing deposit is required to access the housing process via BearPAWS, payable to the Student Accounts Office (315) 267-2137 in Raymond Hall.  You may pay with cash, personal check, credit or debit card - they cannot accept Bear Express.  Students with outstanding debt to the College from previous semesters will not be able to go through the process until the debt is paid.  (Exempt from paying the deposit: EOP students, RAs, student teachers, Mount Emmon's Scholarship recipients, students on study abroad and National Student Exchange.

The Housing License is for a full academic year and is binding for both fall and spring semesters.

Please remember that there is a Residency Requirement: students who entered in Fall 2013 as first year students MUST live on campus for 4 semesters, through the end of your sophomore year.

Single bedrooms will only be available in the Townhouses.

The Residence Life Office reserves the right to make necessary changes in resident's housing assignments in the even of changes in enrollment and/or student status.

Individuals who are responsible for making fraudulent claims or otherwise unfairly manipulating their housing priority in the sign-up process may face reassignment themselves as well as their roommates/suites in addition to campus conduct charges.

Please print and retain a copy of your BearPAWS Confirmation page for your records once you are done with the process. 

The information that you submit via BearPAWS is NOT a guaranteed housing assignment - rather your preference.

Meal Plan

All campus residents must have a PACES meal plan.  Students who have already met the residency requirement and are living in campus apartments (Lehman North Houses 1 & 2) or Townhouses are exempt from this requirement.  First and second year students residing in the Townhouses or Lehman North apartments still need to have a meal plan.  Specific questions regarding meal plans should be addressed to the PACES Office at (315-267-2658) in Merritt Hall.

Exemption from Housing

If you would like to live off campus, please fill out the Housing Exemption Form.

Special Needs Housing

If you have a condition(s) that require special needs housing, please see the Medical Housing Process and Forms for more information.

Student Teachers

If you expect to student teach outside of the Potsdam area for part of the 2013-2014 academic year and would like a residence hall assignment for a portion of the year, please indicate this when you sign up in BearPAWS.

Academic Year Housing

Academic year housing are facilities that will be open during the entire academic year, include vacations and breaks (not summer).  Students wishing to stay during the times when the halls are closed should select to live in a hall that is deemed as academic year housing.  It should also be noted that athletes and international students should strongly consider living in academic year housing buildings as they often need to be here over breaks.

Academic year Housing areas: Draime, Lehman, Van Housen, and Townhouses

Non-Academic Year Housing Areas (those that close): Bowman, Knowles, and Sisson


Students will be denied access to the housing process on BearPAWS if you have any hold on your student account for any reason.  Also, students who have lost their housing priority due to student conduct sanctions will select a room at the end of the housing process on the last night.

Registration Procedures 

Pay your $50/.00 housing deposit at the Student Accounts Office

Log into BearPAWS and go to the following links:

"College Life and Auxiliary Services"

"Returning Students Housing Preference Selection"

Read and "agree" to the Housing License (which is binding for the entire academic year)

"Submit" your housing preference - building, roommates, suite-mates, apartment-mates, etc.

Print your confirmation page and bring it to the Office of Residence Life in Draime Hall and then you will be housed.