Class Schedules

Why Online?

SUNY Potsdam has joined the ranks of colleges nationwide in going paperless with its Schedule of Classes. To provide the most accurate class schedule information, the Schedule of Classes will only be published electronically.  The move from a printed publication to an online version not only provides the most up-to-date course information because class changes are viewed the same day, it also saves printing and paper costs, uses fewer resources and is better for our environment.  We appreciate your support in our efforts to serve you better and conserve resources!

When can I view the Schedule?

Upcoming Fall semester schedules are typically available online in mid-March and upcoming Spring semester schedules are available in mid-October.  E-mail announcements are circulated prior to class schedule online information availability.

What are my Schedule viewing options?

The Class Schedule by Department
—available to everyone on the BearPAWS login page, in different versions including just open classes and just lower division classes.  Its format is similar to that previously used for the printed Schedule of Classes.

How is it used?

  • To view all of the courses available by department and easily print a single department’s offerings
  • To view all of the courses that meet each General Education requirement
  • To monitor course enrollments and the number of seats available for each class
  • To easily view course comments and prerequisites

The Searchable Class Schedule—available to everyone on the BearPAWS login page.  Its format is similar to that used to register for classes on BearPAWS.

How is it used?

  • To search for a specific course in a department, or a level of courses in a department (all 100 level classes), or all courses in a department
  • To search for a course meeting a specific General Education Requirement
  • To search for a course meeting at a specific time / day (all classes after 3:00 on Wednesdays)