Training & Development

Training and development programs enhance skills and competencies of SUNY Potsdam employees. Some programs and services are available to all state employees while others are available only to employees represented by a particular union.

Civil Service Employee Association, Inc. (CSEA)
The NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training offers education and training programs for CSEA represented employees. 

  • Tuition Benefits Program 2013-2014
    • The NYS & CSEA partnership has announced the Tuition Benefits Program 2013-2014. To view the available catalog and form click the link above.
  • 2013 Summer Webinar Series
    • The NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training is pleased to announce the 2013 Summer Webinar Series. To view the available courses and application click the link above.

Public Employees Federation (PEF)
Programs for PEF employees include tuition assistance, workshops, and grants.

United University Professions (UUP)
NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Committees offers education and training grants to UUP employees.

Agency Services
Curriculum, grants, and organization development resources to support state agency supervisors, managers, leaders, and training professionals.

Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS)

Browse online learning opportunities available for all employees.

To access the Statewide Learning Management System:

  • Log on to the SUNY Portal (linked above)
  • Select the e-Business Services Tab
  • Select the link for SLMS

Please Note: SLMS system will be down between August 28 and September 2


- SUNY Potsdam is a member of the SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD). As an active member, SUNY Potsdam receives a number of professional development "points" that may be used by SUNY Potsdam employees to pay for the cost of registration to SUNY CPD-sponsored academic program events.


Upcoming Training and Development Opportunities

No events have been scheduled.