Why We Give  

Joy Anthony Douglass ’56 and Chet Douglass

douglassJoy Anthony Douglass values the early music education she received from Helen Hosmer and Mary English while studying at Potsdam.  Her learning was shaped by the deeply transformative opportunity to work with visiting master teachers at The Crane School of Music.  As a result of her experiences, Joy, along with her husband, Chet, has established the Joy Anthony Douglass ’56 Visiting Master Teacher fund, which allows visiting master teachers to share their insight and expertise with current Crane students, faculty, and music educators from the surrounding region.

“I wanted to give back to the music education department at Crane, since this program had such a profound effect on my life.  My own teaching also benefited from learning from master teachers in the music education field.  Therefore, I am happily supporting a master teacher program for the music education students, faculty, and North Country music teachers.”


Randy Mitchell ’79 and Lisa Schultz

SchultzRandy Mitchell and Lisa Schultz recognize the important part that Potsdam played in shaping their lives.  They have been loyally supporting the biology and chemistry departments at SUNY Potsdam for over two decades.  Their gifts help to make it possible for today’s students to receive the educational experience that Potsdam gave to them.  Ultimately, Randy and Lisa’s loyalty ensures that Potsdam’s science students will have greater opportunities for educational discovery and growth.

“Lisa and I both realize the great role that education played in getting us where we are today.  In our yearly visits to Potsdam, we see that the ‘Potsdam Experience’ is still alive today.  Potsdam is still the same great place to get a degree now that it was then, a small school with professors who genuinely care about their students, giving them lots of individual attention and time.  We realize how important it is, now more than ever, to give something back to the place that gave us such a great start in life.  Our gifts help to make it possible for Potsdam to continue to give others the same benefit and educational experience that Potsdam gave us.”   


Ada M. Santaferra ’00

SantaferraAs a faculty member of the College, Ada Santaferra sees firsthand the benefit that gifts have on today’s students in the Community Health department.  Through payroll deduction, Ada supports the Santaferra Community Health Internship Scholarship.  Her continued dedication to giving supports a richer experience for students within her department by assisting them with their expenses while interning locally or afar.

“Having the opportunity to provide monetary support to students in the Department of Community Health who are preparing for their internships has been very rewarding.  Students are able to choose an internship placement based on what’s in their heart rather than what’s in their bank account and I am able to play a small part in making that possible.  It’s a win-win situation!”


Peg Minotti ’46

MinottiPeg Minotti has dedicated her life to SUNY Potsdam as faculty emerita of The Crane School of Music.  She has nurtured countless students as they pursued their degrees and has enriched the lives of her colleagues, peers, and community members.  A member of the President’s Club, Peg has been giving to the College since 1985.  She intuitively supports upcoming projects, unique opportunities, and areas with greatest needs.  Her belief in the power of Potsdam has supported her longtime giving to a wide range of worthy causes.  Today, through her giving and volunteer service on the Crane Alumni Board, Peg remains dedicated to the next generation of Potsdam students.  

“I want to give back to the College because of the wonderful opportunities that were given to me, especially in Crane, but in the College as a whole.  My classmates and I received broad and forward-thinking instruction, which continues to be Potsdam’s tradition of preparation for its students.  Potsdam shaped my life wholly, including giving me my wonderful husband and a wonderful community of which I am a part.”