Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my courses transfer?

You will receive an official evaluation of your transfer credit at the time you are accepted for admission to SUNY Potsdam (you can request an informal evaluation of transfer credit at any time prior to acceptance). We accept college-level course work from regionally accredited colleges and universities, as well as from Advanced Placement, CLEP Subject Examinations, DANTES and military experience. We want to transfer and apply as much transfer credit as possible toward your baccalaureate degree.

To see how your courses will transfer from your current two-year campus, check our course equivalency tables for two-year colleges.

Am I considered a transfer student?

If you were matriculated (enrolled) at an accredited college or university for a minimum of 12 semester hours of course work following high school graduation, you are considered a transfer student. Transfers may have completed as few as 12 or as many as 90 or more hours of course work prior to transferring to SUNY Potsdam.

Who are SUNY Potsdam transfer students?

Most of our transfers are in-state residents; however, our students come from throughout the United States and Canada as well as from overseas. The majority of our transfers attended community colleges and technical/agricultural colleges affiliated with the State University of New York (SUNY). Approximately two-thirds of this group will have completed their associate's degree before transferring. The rest of our transfer students come from four-year SUNY colleges, two and four-year New York State private colleges, and from both public and private colleges in other states and countries.

Why do transfers choose SUNY Potsdam?

Transfers choose SUNY Potsdam for a variety of reasons including our strong academic programs, geographic location, small campus size, personal attention, and our year-round recreational opportunities. Most importantly, transfer students choose Potsdam because we make your transition as smooth as possible. Our goal is for you to earn your baccalaureate degree in an efficient and timely manner.