Colleen McAllister


Why did you choose to attend Potsdam?  Size of campus, location (proximity to Montreal), size of surrounding town, familiarity with faculty and campus from having attended SUNY Potsdam's French Immersion Summer Camp and a recommendation from an alumna.

Who were your favorite professors?  Dr. Karen Johnson-Weiner (Anthropology), Dr. Celine Philibert (Modern Languages), and Dr. Fregoe (English Communication).

What was your favorite class?  Too many to list.  Seriously.

What is the most important skill you learned while at Potsdam?  Time management.

What activities were you involved with at Potsdam?  English and Communication Student Organization (E.C.S.O.), French Club, Swing Dance, Ballroom Dance, Study Abroad, Student Ambassador.

What advice would you give to current students attending Potsdam?  Get involved!


 If you had the option to tell a prospective student one thing about Potsdam, what would it be?  Visit.  You won't be disappointed.

How has Potsdam helped you reach your personal and career goals?  How hasn't Potsdam helped me reach my personal goals?  Two major contributing factors were working in the Admissions Office, which helped me to hone my interpersonal and marketing skills, and Potsdam's small class sizes, which taught me how to work well in teams.

What is your favorite memory or story about Potsdam?  At a recent social event, I ran into a Potsdam faculty member.  I had not seen this professor in over two year and while at Potsdam had only taken two courses with her.  Because it had been awhile and our interaction had been limited, I approached the professor thinking I would introduce myself, sure that she wouldn't remember me.  But as I approached her, her face lit up.  She greeted me with a bug hug and said, "Colleen!  How have you been?"  I couldn't believe that she remembered me and my name!