Transfer Credit

All master’s degree students are required to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of degree study through SUNY Potsdam. A total of no more than nine hours of transfer credit may be used to meet Master of Science in Education or Master of Science in teaching degree requirements at SUNY Potsdam. No more than six hours of transfer credit may normally be used to satisfy Master of Arts and Master of Music degree requirements.

Credits transferred from another institution are accepted at the discretion of the department granting the degree and must meet the following conditions:

  • Upon evaluation, courses to be transferred are judged to be equal in scope and content to those offered by this College.
  • Only graduate credit earned at accredited institutions is acceptable for transfer credit. 
  • The grades earned must be at the 3.0 level or above (based on a system where A=4.0). The transfer grade is not calculated in the student’s GPA.

Matriculated students planning to enroll in transfer courses at another institution must obtain prior approval for such courses from their advisor.  Evaluation should be requested in advance of registration for the course.  A catalog description for each course should accompany requests for transfer credit.  Transfer credit is not formally applied to the degree program until the student has achieved Full Admission.  An official transcript confirmed completion of the work must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office.  This policy applies whether or not courses have been used to satisfy another graduate degree from SUNY Potsdam or elsewhere. Courses taken to complete a previous Master’s Degree at SUNY Potsdam will be treated as transfer courses in accordance with this policy.

See the complete guidelines in the graduate catalog.

For additional information, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 800-458-1142, extension 1 or (315) 267-2165.