Matriculated Students

Matriculated students have completed the SUNY Potsdam application form, paid an application fee, had credentials reviewed by the Office of Graduate Studies and the appropriate academic area, been accepted as degree candidates in a particular curriculum, registered for classes and attended them at least one day. Such students are considered to be matriculated until they graduate or are dismissed.

Matriculated students will be granted one of two enrollment statuses:

  • Provisional Admission -Granted to qualified applicants who do not yet meet certain admission requirements; e.g., undergraduate prerequisites.
  • Full Admission - Granted to applicants who have satisfied all admission requirements.

Non-matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students also go by other informal names (e.g., casual, guest, special, non-degree, etc.). They have not been formally admitted to the College and are not degree candidates. Candidates who have an interest in graduate study but who have not yet applied for admission into a master’s degree program may enroll as non-matriculated. A non-matriculated graduate student is limited to taking a maximum of 6 graduate credits on a non-matriculated basis. Upon completion of the 6 graduate credits, if not before, the student is required to apply for formal admission to a master’s degree program and must be granted Provisional or Full Admission before being allowed to register for further coursework.