Declining Federal Pell Grant Funds

You may decline all or part of a disbursement of Pell Grant funds that you are otherwise eligible to receive. You may wish to decline a Pell award if you expect to qualify for a larger Pell Grant in future years as a result of an expected transfer to a more expensive college or if you expect your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) to be less in future years, qualifying you for a larger grant at that time. 

If you are enrolled in summer, you may wish to decline the summer Pell Grant to reserve it for use in the fall and spring terms. 

To decline Pell Grant funds, you must provide a signed, written statement indicating that you wish to decline the grant and that you understand these funds may not be available once the award year is over.  Please specify which term(s) you intend to decline your Pell award. If your intent is to decline the summer Pell award for use in the fall and spring terms, please clearly indicate this in your statement. Eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant is based on both academic and need-based eligibility criteria. Please be aware that you may be declining Pell funds that you are eligible for now, but may not be eligible for later.