Special Admissions Programs

Bridges Program
The Bridges Program is designed to provide admission to the College to students who fall slightly below the published academic standards for regular admission but who demonstrate potential for success.  Students who enroll through the program are assisted in making a successful academic transition to SUNY Potsdam.  Please view their site for more information.

Education Opportunity Program (EOP)
EOP provides academic support and financial aid to students who show promise for mastering college-level work, but who may otherwise not be accepted.  Students must qualify both academically and financially in order to gain admission into the program.  Students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds are given priority.  Please view their site for more information


Early Admissions to Undergraduate Programs
SUNY Potsdam will offer early admission to exceptionally qualified high school juniors and seniors. 

  • Students applying for early admission must possess a “B” average or above in their course work and test scores indicating strong potential for college-level work. 
  • They should have 14 or more academic units from high school in the areas of social studies, English, foreign language, science and mathematics. 
  • In addition, applicants for early admission must demonstrate the necessary maturity to adjust to college life. 
    • This is accomplished through submission of at least two letters of recommendation (including one from the high school principal or school counselor and one from a teacher of an academic subject). 
    • The high school principal or school counselor must also send a letter approving any course work taken at SUNY Potsdam. 
  • Early admission candidates seeking federal financial aid will need to have a letter signed by the high school principal stating that course work will not be counted toward the high school diploma.
  • Note: This is not an Early Decision or Early Action Policy.  Please contact the Admissions Office at (315) 267-2180 for more information.