Bridges Services

One of the nice things about attending college as a Bridges student is that you will discover that you are not alone; that there is plenty of support and assistance available.

The following program services will be available to you as an enrolled Bridges student at SUNY Potsdam:

1. Orientation Program

  • All new Bridges students are required to attend one of the College's summer orientation sessions. You will receive information regarding these sessions from the Admissions office once you are formally admitted to SUNY Potsdam.
  • These orientation sessions provide you with a general orientation to our campus, the General Education program, academic programs and standards as well as the many services and activities that will be available to you as an undergraduate student.
  • You will also meet with the Bridges staff during your orientation session to review program services, to sign a learning contract which specifies your obligations as a Bridges student, and to register for your fall semester classes.
  • On your first day of orientation, all Bridges students must report to the front of the Book Store in the Student Union at 10 a.m. where Bridges staff will be there to welcome you to the Bridges Program.

2. Counseling Assistance

  • You will be assigned to a Bridges Advisor who will serve as your main contact with our program.
  • Assistance is available with personal, academic, social, financial and career concerns.
  • As a new student you will be required to meet with your Bridges Advisor at least every month during the fall semester to review your academic progress.
  • The amount of required contact during the spring semester depends upon your academic standing at the conclusion of the fall semester.

3. Course Scheduling

  • All Bridges students who should plan to talk over their course selections with their Bridges advisor.
  • In addition to helping you select and register for appropriate courses, we also ensure that you understand the College's General Education Program and academic requirements.

4. Tutoring Assistance

  • You can receive, upon request, free tutoring assistance in any of your content courses.
  • Group content tutoring is available to you through the Student Success Center in Sisson Hall (some students may be eligible for free one-on-one tutoring through the Student Support Services program or the CSTEP program ).

5. All-Bridges Group Meetings

  • During each semester you are required to attend group meetings which are designed to assist your successful transition to SUNY Potsdam.
  • These meetings will cover both academic and non-academic topics.
  • The Bridges Director will contact you directly when, meetings are scheduled.

6. Selecting A Major

  • Since approximately half of our students enter their first year without a major field of study (we call this an "Undeclared" major), a focus of the Bridges program is to assist you in this selection.
  • There are program activities during each semester which are designed to help you clarify your career goals and select the major which best prepares you to meet them.  Undeclared students are encouraged to enroll in a career development course, which is offered for course credit through the college.
  • During the fall semester you will discuss options with your Bridges Advisor and attend the College's Major Affair program designed to introduce you to academic departments at Potsdam.
  • Once you formally declare a major area of study you will be advised by a faculty member in your chosen department, although you are still expected to meet regularly with your Bridges Advisor.

7. Bridges Student Restrictions

Since getting off to a good academic start is very important, all Bridges students must comply with the following fall semester restrictions:

  • To schedule a maximum of fifteen credit hours during the initial (fall) semester.
  • To schedule the First Year Success Seminar (FY100) and Writing & Critical Thinking (COMP101) courses during the initial (fall) semester.
  • There are no special courses or restrictions indicated for the spring semester.