Bridges Student Profile

A Bridges applicant does not meet regular admissions requirements but can demonstrate the potential to succeed at the college level. 

Students accepted into the program are provided with basic academic support services including personal counseling, learning skills, academic advising and content tutoring.


Competitive applicants for the Bridges Program have high school averages that range from 78 to 84.

Application Requirements

  • SUNY Application or Common Application

  • Official high school transcript (In order for a high school transcript to be official, it must be sent directly to the Admissions Office from the high school. Sealed copies of high school transcripts delivered by the student are also acceptable as long as the guidance counselor or principal's signature appears over the envelope seal.)

  • Two letters of recommendation (The letters should address your academic abilities and work ethic.)

  • Personal essay

  • Senior grades

  • Admissions Committee Review (Once all of your application requirements are met, your file will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.)