Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Bridges program? 

Bridges is a special admissions program which is designed to assist enrolled students in making a successful academic transition to SUNY Potsdam.

What is a special admissions program? 

A program designed to provide admission to the College to students who fall slightly below the published academic standards for regular admission but who demonstrate potential for success.

How long will I be enrolled in the Bridges program? 

Program services are provided for the first two semesters of your enrollment at SUNY Potsdam.

Will I have to enroll in any special classes? 

No. All classes you take are ones that are taken by any SUNY Potsdam student.

Will I receive any additional financial aid as a Bridges student? 

No. There are no financial restrictions for program eligibility nor is there any financial assistance beyond your basic financial aid package.

What if I'm not sure about selecting a major? 

This is not a problem since about half of our students begin in an "undeclared" status. A Bridges Advisor will be your primary academic advisor until you formally declare a major in one of our academic departments. There will be plenty of help available to you in making this decision while you work on the College's General Education requirements.

What services does the Bridges program provide? 

Please see the "services" section of this Website for a detailed listing of program services and requirements.

Is there an orientation program for Bridges? 

Not specifically, but all Bridges students are required to attend one of the summer orientation sessions at SUNY Potsdam. You'll have a meeting with the Bridges Director, Shailindar Singh, as part of that session. Report to the Book Store in the Student Union at 10:30 a.m. on your first day of orientation.

Are the College's academic standards different for Bridges students? 

No. Once you are accepted as a Bridges student you are subject to the same academic standards and regulations as all other SUNY Potsdam students.

What happens after the two Bridges semesters are finished? 

At that time you are a regularly enrolled student at SUNY Potsdam. Hopefully you will have declared a major by that time but if not, you will be reassigned to a faculty academic advisor.