EOP Eligibility


EOP applicants must be residents of New York State and have earned a New York State high school diploma or its equivalent. Applicants must be ineligible for regular admission. Entering EOP freshmen typically have high school averages that range from 78 to 85.

Academic Application Requirements (Submit these documents first.)

  • SUNY Application or Common Application

  • Official high school transcript (In order for a high school transcript to be official, it must be sent directly to the Admissions Office from the high school. Sealed copies of high school transcripts delivered by the student are also acceptable as long as the guidance counselor or principal's signature appears over the envelope seal.)

Financial Application Requirements (Submit at the request of the Admissions Office.)

  • EOP Economic Verification Form (This form is sent to students once academic qualifications have been met.)

  • Signed copy of specified tax return

  • Other income source documents (When applicable, the Admissions Office may request supporting documents for social security income, unemployment, child support, etc.)

For information about Income Criteria, see Income Guidelines.

The SUNY Potsdam Admissions office coordinates all decisions related to EOP eligibility. For more information, please see the Admissions webpage.