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Wilderness Education


The wilderness education minor prepares students to become leaders in wilderness settings. 

If winter camping, rock and ice climbing interest you or are already your passion, this is the program for you. The lakes, forests and climbing crags within the six-million acre Adirondack Park are your classroom. Prepare yourself to teach others about how to travel safely through wilderness environments. In the process, you also learn a great deal about leadership and group dynamics, which are transferable to work settings outside of the wilderness. 

The wilderness education minor will prepare you for a primary or secondary career as a field instructor within the following broad areas: Education: secondary science, field-based science, environmental education, outdoor-based physical education; Recreation: college campus-based outdoor recreation, wilderness guide, adventure recreation; Personal development/therapy: challenge programs, youth-at-risk, people with disabilities; or Community Health: adolescent health education, drug prevention programs.

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