Study Abroad

The benefits of studying abroad are immeasurable, both personally and professionally.

The benefits of a broadened horizon:

  • In two to three months' time, you will learn more about the world, your country and yourself than you have ever learned in two years staying at home.
  • Studying abroad increases your openness to new ideas while simultaneously encouraging independent thinking.
  • It allows you to enjoy both academic and experiential learning, as it deepens cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Your intellectual maturity, flexibility and self-confidence will grow along with your career prospects.
  • You will have the time of your life while becoming better prepared for living and working in our increasingly globally interdependent world.

What to consider when choosing a Study Abroad Program:

   1) MAJOR - does the program (host country's school) list your major as available? And, are the courses you are interested in available during your planned semester abroad?

   2) LOCATION- where do you want to spend your time overseas? Is location more important than major? Some factors to consider: city vs. suburbs, large vs. small university; housing in campus residence halls, city apartments or with host families?

   3) COST- is the specific program affordable? Will your financial aid and loans cover the majority of your expenses (including airfare, local travel, field trips)?

   4) TYPE of PROGRAM - will you be traveling with a group of SUNY students, enrolled at an institute for foreigners, or immersed in the life of the host university with students from that university? Is there an in-country program director to meet you at the airport and to advise you? Does it matter to you?

After you have determined these factors, it is recommended that you make an appointment with us to discuss the many steps required for studying abroad.

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