Current Crane Students

Information Guide for Crane Students

An index for Crane students.  This two-page document will tell you where to find information and answers to common questions.

Degree Plans

The Crane School of Music offers a variety of degree programs to meet the needs of students pursuing a career in the field of music. More information on each of these individual programs can be found through the links on this site.

Crane Undergraduate Student Handbook

The information contained in this document is updated as needed and is considered official school policy.


Various advising forms for Crane School of Music Students

Graduate Studies

The Crane School of Music offers programs leading to the Master of Music (MM) degree in  Music Education, Performance, and Composition. These programs are designed to meet student interests, needs and requirements within a framework that provides opportunities to pursue a balance of academic and professionally oriented courses.

Crane for Non-Music Majors

Information and FAQs about music courses and opportunities for non-music majors at SUNY Potsdam, as well as advice for students already at SUNY Potsdam who wish to audition at Crane to switch into the music major.

Keyboard Credit By Exam Information

Student Organizations (Crane and/or music-related)