Department of Biology

Biology at SUNY Potsdam is founded on the principle of providing a quality undergraduate education for students with diverse interests. 

A broad general background in biology, as part of a liberal arts education, allows students to pursue a variety of careers or continue learning at the graduate level.The Department of Biology offers both Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees.

Undergraduate Research

The Department of Biology is always providing new course offerings and research projects. Faculty members' interests include a wide range of subjects in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology, cell and molecular biology, and anatomy and physiology– all of which are reflected in the program.

Thinking PreMed?

So are a lot of our students.  We have tailored the Bachelor of Science in Biology to be one of the best preps for medical school.  Just ask your advisor to work with you on getting the right combination of classes to give you the breadth you need to succeed on your MCATs and in a competitive graduate school.