3-2 Program, Mathematics & Engineering

The 3/2 Program combines three years of education in sciences and mathematics at SUNY Potsdam with two years of engineering training at Clarkson University, leading after five years to the Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY Potsdam and the Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Clarkson University.

Students entering the 3/2 Program as freshmen may always change their plans later and stay at SUNY Potsdam to complete the BA degree, or transfer to Clarkson University to obtain a BS degree in engineering. Transfer students from other colleges, particularly those who have completed an associate degree at a two-year college, are generally advised not to enter the 3/2 Program since, in most cases, they will not be in the position to complete both the BA and BS in the subsequent three years. They should plan to enter either Clarkson University to obtain an engineering BS, or SUNY Potsdam to obtain a BA degree.

A 3/2 liberal arts/engineering program has also been established with the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering of SUNY Binghamton. Course preparation for transfer to engineering at Binghamton is essentially the same as that for transfer to Clarkson, but prospective students should contact Professor Lawrence Brehm during their sophomore year at SUNY Potsdam for further information.

Students have also transferred to other engineering colleges. To establish an individually designed program with another school of your choice, contact Professor Lawrence Brehm for details.

Study Program at SUNY Potsdam:

During the first three years at SUNY Potsdam students should complete the following requirements for the BA degree: at least 90 semester hours in liberal arts, which include

  1. all requirements for a major in one of the following: chemistry, geology, mathematics or physics and,
  2. the general education requirements as specified in the SUNY Potsdam General Education manual, with the exemptions granted to 3/2 Liberal Arts /Engineering students.

These courses must include the following preparatory mathematics and science courses for the engineering curriculum:

       MATH 151            Calculus I            4    
       MATH 152            Calculus II            4    
       MATH 253            Multivariate Calculus            4    
       MATH 390            Differential Equations            3    
                    Elective*            3    
       PHYS 103            General Physics I            4    
       PHYS 104            General Physics II            4    
       PHYS 203            General Physics III            4    
       PHYS 304            Modern Physics**            4    
       CHEM 105            General Chemistry I            4    
       CHEM 106            General Chemistry II            4    
       Computer Science                              
       CIS 102            Introduction to Pascal Programming            3    
       CIS 103            Introduction to Problem Solving            3    
       CIS 233            Scientific Programming            3    
       *Electives Recommended:               
       MATH 125/126            Probability and Statistics I and II            3    
       MATH 375            Linear Algebra I            3    
       *Not required, but highly recommended.                              


Liberal Arts Requirements at Clarkson University:

       Humanities courses            6    
       Social Sciences Courses            9    
       Economics Courses            3    

No introductory foreign language courses are acceptable, nor geography nor "skills" courses (i.e. painting, photography, drawing, music, studio, nor performance courses, etc.).

Liberal Arts courses in English, foreign languages (except introductory courses), history and philosophy are acceptable in the humanities category if an equivalency to Clarkson's six-credit Great Ideas course can be established. Liberal ares courses in anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology will fulfill the social sciences requirements at Clarkson if they are not "skills" courses. If in doubt, please contact

   Dean William Wilcox
School of Engineering
Clarkson University
320 CAMP Building
Potsdam, New York 13676

Since all Clarkson University graduates must pass a writing proficiency examination, SUNY Potsdam students must also demonstrate equivalent competency.

   Cross Registration:

To satisfy certain prerequisites for advanced level engineering courses it is highly recommended that students in the 3/2 program cross-register during their sophomore and junior years for the following engineering courses offered at Clarkson University.

       For students who plan on entering the Electrical Engineering Program:                         Credits    
       ES 250            Electrical Science            3    
       EE 211            Electrical Engineering Laboratory            3    
       EE 221                         3    
       For students who plan on entering the Mechanical Engineering Program:                               
       ES 220            Statics            3    
       ES 223            Rigid Body Dynamics            3    
       EE 222            Strength of Materials            3    
       For students who plan on entering the Chemical Engineering Program :                               
       CH 250            Chemical Process Calculations            3    
       CH 271            Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics            3    
       CH 301            Fluid Mechanics (If time permits)            3    
       CH 302            Heat Transfer (If time permits)            3    
       For students who plan on entering the Civil Engineering Program:                               
       ES 112            Introduction to Complex Design (Optional)            3    
       ES 260            Material Science            3    
       ES 220            Statics            3    
       EE 222            Strength of Materials            3    

Study Program at Clarkson University:

Clarkson University offers a large variety of courses in the four major engineerng areas of chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical and industrial engineering. In the 3/2 Program two years of technical courses are required consisting of eight to ten technical elective in the chosen major area. Students are advised to contact department chairs or academic advisors to plan their curricula during the two years at Clarkson to obtain a well-balanced education in a specific area of the engineering program.

   For more information please contact:

   SUNY Potsdam Coordinator
Asad Islam
Timerman Hall 214
Potsdam, New York 13676

   Clarkson University Coordinator
E. T. Misiaszek
School of Engineering
Clarkson University
Potsdam, New York 13676