Department of Chemistry

The Department offers a rigorous and well-balanced curriculum that provides a solid foundation for successful graduate study, and/or a career in chemistry or a chemistry related field. The department is known for:

  • Strong and diverse undergraduate research programs

    On average 20 students each semester are involved in senior research projects. Students also coauthor peer reviewed publications and present their research data at professional conferences and have the opportunity for paid summer internships with external research grants and agencies such as Research Corporation, National Science Foundation and Department of Defense. 
  • $1.3 million in grants to support teaching and research

    Department of Defense (research grant to study Autism); National Science Foundation (four CCLI and one MRI grants to purchase NMR, ITC, AFM/STM , Raman spectroscopy equipment and  lasers; Research Corporation grant for research purchase of UV-Vis spectroscopy equipment; and several Kilmer Research Apprenticeships to support teaching and various undergraduate research projects.  These  grants have improved the infrastructure of our labs and enhance research. 
  • Students acceptance in competitive graduate/ professional schools.

    New majors (B.S. chemistry major and B.S. biochemistry major); Developed Forensic Science lectures & labs, which is also contribution towards Criminal Justice major; Developed Environmental Science course, which is also contribution towards Environmental Science major; Developed Advanced Analytical and Advanced NMR Spectroscopy courses;  Title III grant funding allowed the introduction of several research projects into regular classes for both majors and non-majors. Over 80 students are involved in research each semester.