Reporting a Fire and other Emergencies

If you suspect a fire in the building call University Police at:

(315) 267-2222 or 911

Persons Discovering a Fire, Smoky Condition, or Explosion Should:

  1. Pull the nearest fire alarm/pull station.  This will notify University Police that there is a fire in the building.  Fire alarm pull stations are located next to interior stairwells and exits from buildings.

  2. Call (315) 267-2222 or 911 from a safe location to confirm the identity and location of the fire in the building.

  3. Walk to the primary or secondary  stairway or exit and leave the building.  (Primary and secondary evacuation routes are identified on the layout maps of each building) 

Small fires in their incipient stage can be extinguished with a fire extinguisher only after the fire alarm has been activated and the user is trained to use a fire extinguisher.    Attempt to extinguish or control a fire only if you can do so without endangering your own or anyone else’s safety.  When attempting to extinguish a fire, the individual must keep his/her back to the exit and never allow a fire to get between the individual and the exit.  Occupants should never enter a smoke filled room or open a door if it is warm to touch.

Reporting Other Emergencies

To report other emergencies, occupants should call University Police at (315) 267-2222 or 911.  Caller should state their name, location and nature of the call.  Caller should speak slowly and clearly and should stay on the line to provide additional information to the dispatcher/officer and to receive any additional instructions or information.