Committee Members

Executive Committee Members

President John F. Schwaller
Provost Margaret Madden
Michael Lewis – VP for Business Affairs
Christine Strong – VP for Student Affairs
Vicki Templeton-Cornell – VP for College Advancement
Rick Miller – VP for Institutional Effectiveness and Recruitment Management
Carol Rourke – Assistant to the President
William Fisher – Assistant VP for Facilities

Steering Committee Members

Ana Thomas, R.A. – Assistant Facilities Program Coordinator {Co-Chair}
Kimberly Bouchard – Theater and Dance faculty {Co-Chair}
Tony DiTullio – Director of Facilities Planning
Andy Martin, P.E. – Assistant Facilities Program Coordinator
Galen Pletcher – Dean of Arts & Sciences
Michael Sitton – Dean of Music
William Amoriell – Dean of Education and Professional Studies
Robin Collen – Theater and Dance Department Chair
Don Borsh – Theatre and Dance faculty
Jay Pecora – Theater and Dance faculty
Jeff Reeder – Technical Director for Theater & Dance / Opera
Kirk Severtson-Music Faculty
Carleen Graham – Music faculty [Opera]
Andy Harradine – Assistant VP for Information Technology
Steve Maiocco – PACES / Dining Services
Mike Bristol – Development Officer
Ruth Policella – Director of Student Involvement & Leadership
Tilly Adams – Student Representative
Andea Ostermann – Student Representative

Design Consultant

Pfeiffer Partners has been selected as our design firm for this project. 

Any questions or comments regarding the project should be directed to