2014 Festival Proposal and Funding Application

The Lougheed (pronounced Low-heed) Festival of the Arts is the result of the generous gift of Donald Lougheed and his wife, Kathryn Kofoed Lougheed, SUNY Potsdam class of 1954. 

Mission and Vision

With this gift, the Lougheeds are intent on creating an "umbrella" for the arts by providing financial support for an array of arts inspired activities, performances and scholarly activity leading up to and exhibited through a nine-day Festival. The Festival will culminate each year with the Dorothy Albrecht Gregory Visiting Conductor leading Crane Chorus and Symphony Orchestra in a performance. Campus constituents will be invited to submit proposals to fund creative endeavors that enhance, connect and expand on the arts experience at SUNY Potsdam in ways designed to positively impact SUNY Potsdam students as well as the community and region.

The Lougheed Festival of the Arts funds shall be used to build upon, celebrate, and advance Potsdam's status as the leading arts campus in the SUNY System and beyond while enhancing the full breadth of its arts programs including arts practice, arts education, arts theory and arts management. The Lougheed Festival of the Arts shall encompass all forms of artistic expression, including those involving more than one artistic discipline and collaborations with other disciplines.

The goals of Lougheed Festival of the Arts are:

  • Expose the entire Potsdam campus and community to the full breadth of the arts while enhancing Potsdam arts programs.
  • Provide funding that will enhance and enrich the Potsdam arts experience.
  • Special consideration will be given to proposals that offer the potential for the inclusion of students from across campus.

Funding Parameters

All proposals will be required to be as inclusive as possible of all expenses.

The Lougheed Festival of the Arts fund shall be used to support the following:

Lougheed Festival of the Arts funds may be requested for individual or group honoraria for guest artists, artists-in-residence, and other presenters; for travel expenses related to these visiting artists; for production expenses and exhibition costs; for costs related to educational outreach, including travel to or from area schools; for performance rights; for Festival-related receptions and other hospitality; for commissions of new works of art; and for promotional and support activities.

Submission Process, Review and Awarding of Funds

Proposals will be reviewed by a Lougheed Festival of the Arts committee, including faculty representatives from all three Schools and related stakeholders. The committee will make recommendations to the academic deans of SUNY Potsdam's three schools. The deans will determine final awards and allocations based on committee recommendations and strength of the proposal in fulfilling the mission and goals of the Lougheed Festival of the Arts. Special considerations and focus will be on collaborations and the potential to positively impact the SUNY Potsdam student experience.

Proposals are not limited to the timeframe of the nine-day Festival. Proposals may include guest artists/scholars, activities, curriculum, master classes that occur leading up to the Festival with a culminating performance, event, exhibition scheduled for the celebration of the arts.

The 2014 Lougheed Festival of the Arts April 25-May 3, 2014

Please consider the following when crafting your 2013 proposals. Some of these may affect availability of venues and other campus resources, while others may offer opportunities for Festival enhancements.

  • All Festival events are free and open to the public.
  • Integration of topics and events into existing curriculum would be ideal and help students maximize participation and alleviate overscheduling.
  • The Crane Chorus and Crane Symphony Orchestra will perform May 3.
  • Multicultural Weekend is April 24-26.

Lougheed Festival of the Arts

2014 Festival Proposal and Funding Application

Festival dates: April 25-May 3, 2014

All proposals for the 2014 Festival due to Kathryn Deuel, Events Coordinator by Friday, April 12, 2013. If you attempting to secure an artist that requires significant advance booking you may also apply for a future festival before the April 12, 2013 deadline.

Contact Information:

Campus address: 7th Floor, Raymond Hall
Phone: x-2102
e-mail: deuelkj@potsdam.edu

Title of proposed Festival event:

All proposals for the 2014 Festival are due by April 12, 2013.

This proposal is for the Festival in:

Proposed date(s)*:

Time (if applicable)*:

Proposed venue(s)*:

* Every attempt will be taken to secure the proposed date, time and venue, but the overall festival schedule may necessitate a change.

Description of event:

Name(s) of invited artist(s), presenter(s), and/or organization(s):

Include relevant information about the proposed artist. Artist biography, CV and/or link to webpage. Detail in attachment, if necessary.:

Have you secured artist(s), presenter(s) costs, potential date(s) from the artist or artist's management?

The event would potentially include the following:
      Public performance(s) or presentation(s)
      Workshop(s)/Masterclass(es)/Open rehearsals
      Visits to scheduled academic class(es)
      Public performance(s) or presentation(s)

Brief description of how this proposed event would contribute to the goals of the campus-wide Lougheed Festival of the Arts:

Brief description of how this event would involve or impact SUNY Potsdam students and/or the community:

Who would be the department point person for this event?

Contact information: campus extension and e-mail address

Please describe anticipated department faculty, staff and student staffing involvement in administering this event:

Please describe any technical requirements, equipment, or similar obligations for which funding would be needed (be sure to reflect this in the budget below):

Other comments on this proposal that should be considered in review:

Estimated budget: Honoraria: $

Transportation: $

Guest housing: $

Guest meals*: $

Production costs: $ (events in a theatre space or that have technical needs may require extra staffing and should budget for student worker fees.)

Other expenses: $ (please detail in attachment)

Total requested $

Does your department plan to fund any portion of  these expenses or others not listed?
Please detail

*Proposals may budget up to $40 per day for Festival guest meals. For the convenience of the Festival guest, dining cards will be provided for on-campus meals. Those attending meals with Festival guests must cover the costs through departmental or personal funds.

Proposing faculty member:
Campus Address:
Telephone Number:

It is an expectation that department chairs be consulted prior to the submission of proposals.

Have you received approval from your department chair?

File Upload: