Research Involving Students

Our goal is to encourage student research mentored by faculty members, a number of programs specifically support research work that involves students.

I. Center for Undergraduate Research

The Center, initiated with a US Department of Education Title III grant, coordinates and promotes undergraduate research throughout the campus.

1Title III

Strengthening Institutions Development Grant from the United States Department of Education to enhance its undergraduate research initiatives.

2The Kilmer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeships

Kilmer Apprenticeships are designed to support students and faculty collaboration on independent research projects.  Students enroll in a research course (or INTD499) with a faculty member, and, together they apply for support through a Kilmer Apprenticeship. Supplies professional development funds for faculty and student.

3.  Undergraduate Research Travel Programs

Support for student and faculty travel to regional and national conferences to present research or attend workshops, funded by the Title III grant.

II. Research and Sponsored Programs Office

1. Faculty-Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Supports faculty-student projects during the summer. It is designed to support an outstanding student, (cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 3.25 and demonstrated scholarly potential) who will be returning for at least one full semester as an undergraduate. This experience should first and foremost provide an outstanding opportunity for the student to learn the procedures and techniques used in such endeavors, and to make an original contribution to that particular field of endeavor. This is primarily a student oriented program and is not meant to merely provide a "free technician" for a faculty member's research or creative project. Students will receive a stipend of $3,200 for ten weeks of full-time assistance on a faculty member's research program. In addition, a double occupancy room will be provided free of charge. The faculty member will receive an award of up to $500 for expenses related to the proposed research.

2. Mini Grants

Designed for joint student-faculty projects related to research and creative endeavors. The maximum award per project is $750. Funded projects will be able to begin in the first full week of October.