Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

I. Research and Sponsored Programs Office

1. Community of Science

2. Research and Creative Endeavors Program

Designed to provide faculty with seed money to pursue a research or scholarly project and eventually seek and attract external funding. Especially emphasizes projects that have the potential to encourage new faculty, women and minorities; to support research and creative endeavors across the disciplines; and to attract external resources. Maximum award per project is $1,000.

3. Grant Development Program

Provides awards of up to $1,500 to full-time faculty or professional staff to pursue the development of new proposals for submission to external funding agencies. Successful applicants are required to submit a full proposal (with a budget of at least $50,000/yr.) to an external sponsor within one year from the time of their award.

4. Mini Grants

Supports joint student-faculty projects related to research and creative endeavors. The maximum award per project is $750. Funded projects will be able to begin in the first full week of October.  

II. Major Federal Funding Grant Development Program 

Designed for faculty members who have the potential to write successful grant proposals for substantial funding from federal agencies such as NSF or NIH.  Proposals should be for multi-year projects with a budget of at least $150,000, a significant portion of which is salary and wages.  Faculty members must have a strong record of publication and conference presentations in grant area and a track record of successful grant writing.  Recipients may receive one course release (3 credits) per semester for up to six semesters or until funding is awarded and up to $1500 annually for expenses directly incurred while writing the proposal (e.g., purchase of books or software, travel to grant-writing workshops, travel to meet with prospective sponsor).  Contact the Provost’s Office for more information and application forms.

III. NEH Seminars

SUNY Potsdam NEH Faculty Development Program 2011 Summer Seminar for Faculty is offered to SUNY Potsdam and for the faculties of the Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley.  The seminars provide college teachers with opportunities to enrich their knowledge of the subjects that they teach and study by working with distinguished scholars, by studying with other teachers and scholars, and by undertaking individual projects of their own design.  There are eight participants selected for each seminar and participants are expected to take part fully in the work of the seminar and to complete all seminar projects.  For an application, please see the link below or for more information, contact NEH Director, Dr. Geoffrey Clark at

Application 2013 NEH Summer Seminar for Faculty

IV. Academic Department

Some academic departments have some funds to support faculty research and creative work.  In addition, occasionally a faculty member may be given a reduced teaching schedule to work on a particular research project.  Contact your department chair to discuss these possibilities.

V. Dean and Provost

The deans or the Provost may be able to provide funding for significant specific projects on occasion. Contact them to inquire.

VI. Sabbatical Leaves

Faculty members with continuing appointment may be eligible for sabbatical leaves.  

Sabbatical leave represents the largest investment, which SUNY Potsdam can make in individual faculty development programs. 

The College, seeking to advance its tradition of excellence, supports, in line with Trustee policy, a program of sabbatical leaves based on the worthwhile nature of the proposal and the capacity of the candidate to carry it out. 

Such an emphasis brings the attention of the faculty to the goal of excellence in both personal and institutional achievement. 

The College also seeks to support projects, which will, either directly or indirectly, maintain and improve the quality of teaching and other services to students (Faculty Handbook).

Information about eligibility and requirements can be found in the Chapter VIII, Section F of the Faculty Handbook

VII. United University Professions

1. Dresher Award for pre-tenure faculty

2. Professional Development Awards

Contact SUNY Potsdam UUP Chapter for more information: