Academic Technology Policy

Provost will review and approve computing and technology projects and purchases that have a direct impact on instruction and other aspects of academic programs. The CIO will be responsible for consulting with the Provost before implementing technology changes that are used in instructional delivery of courses or support for academic endeavors* outside of classes.
The Provost may consult with those officials she/he believes are necessary in order to represent the interests of Academic Affairs, such as the Academic Deans and Director of Libraries. 

The Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable will continue to report to the Provost with the same mission, namely:

The Teaching and Learning Technology Roundtable serves as the forum for discussion, advice, and action on the implementation of teaching and learning technologies at the College. Committee members bring the requests and concerns of their constituents to the forum for consideration and response. The TLTR makes planning and policy recommendations to the administration regarding teaching and learning technologies.

*Academic endeavors include 1) Equipment and software in classrooms or for instructional purposes, including library and academic support services such as tutoring; 2) Programming changes that would affect academic policies and procedures (See “Academic Policies and Procedures” section of the Undergraduate Catalog); and 3) Timetable for implementation of academic technology projects.