Archive Notes - September 2009

 I am pleased to report that effective immediately we will be implementing the test optional admissions policy adopted by the Faculty Senate nearly two years ago.  While a full description of that policy will be posted shortly, the salient features are that a specific group of students, namely those with a high school GPA of 85 in a program with rigor or advanced rigor, will not be required to provide the college with SAT or ACT scores for the purpose of admission. Students with a lower high school GPA will be required to submit test scores depending upon their high school curriculum and other criteria. Moreover, we will ask most students for a broader range of data in order to make a holistic decision about their potential for success on our campus.  The new policy is being implemented on a trial basis.  It will be examined annually for three years and then re-evaluated to see if we wish to make it permanent.

Some two years ago our Faculty Senate created a test optional admissions policy targeting our very best students.  The Chancellor and Provost at that time declined to give us permission to implement the policy.  As a result of recent conversations,  Chancellor Zimpher and Interim Provost Lavalee have given us permission to implement our test optional admissions policy on a trial basis.

I am excited about the potential of this policy to attract well prepared students to the College and to better address issues of equity among applicants from abroad range of socio-economic backgrounds.

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