Archive Notes - Bicentennial Plan

I would like to thank the many, many people on campus who for the past several years have served on the various committees and task forces charged with strategic planning.  As I have noted many times, the campus has done a wonderful job of strategic planning.  Based on these efforts, the Leadership Council, including leaders of the Faculty Senate, have continued to review and revise the strategic plan.  During the course of this academic year, the Administrative Cabinet has worked to prepare a list of initiatives that we will pursue over the next eight years, leading up to our Bicentennial in 2016.  The fruits of these activities are the documents now available as the Bicentennial Plan.

On this Web site, you will find several documents.  There is the plan itself, which outlines the vision for the College, those principles which we believe are essential to the character and progress of the College, and those goals and projects which have been identified through the campus strategic planning activities over the past few years.

The second document, the Business Plan, lists the vision for each project, a rationale for the project and identifies possible sources of funding to achieve the goals.

  Lastly, there are two documents that provide a bit more detail for the projects titled “Faculty /Staff Enhancement” and “High Impact Academic and Engagement Experiences.” Specifically, these documents list the general types of activities and actions that might be pursued to achieve the larger project goal.  These examples are presented merely to help illuminate these two categories, which are the ones about which I have received the most questions.  Their inclusion does not indicate that these areas might have priority over any others.

I have met with the Executive Committees of both the Faculty Senate and our Foundation Board to outline the plan.  I have also met with several of the standing committees of the Senate. Provost Madden presented the plan to the Full Faculty meeting on April 10.  I will continue to consult with committees and departments about the plan.  Finally, I will present it to the full Foundation Board for their consideration.

I ask you to read and consider the plan and supporting documents.  For your convenience, there is a Web reply page that you may use to submit your comments and suggestions.  Of course, you may also send comments directly to me at, or to any of the vice presidents.

Once the comments and reactions we receive in the next few weeks have been considered, I hope to finalize the plan before the end of the current academic year.  Once again, thanks to all of you for your outstanding service to the College in helping to establish our strategic priorities.