Archive Notes - November 2011

Fall is fully upon us and winter lurks around the corner.  Life on campus continues with its own momentum revolving around classes, performances, sporting events, presentations and all the other activities of the College.

Hiring Plans

Under the guidelines which I have established, each Vice President is responsible for the budget of her/his own division.  This summer each division was notified of its new base budget, after the cuts of the last few years had been made permanent and new allocations added.  Within the divisional budgets, vice presidents are able to make purchases, allocate funds, and hire positions, without prior approval from the President’s Council or me.  Nevertheless, each vice president was requested to consult with the President’s Council and me to ensure that plans in one division would not create problems in another.  In accordance with this, we are now entering the hiring season for the College.  Below you will find the searches within each of the divisions instituting hiring plans.

Academic Affairs


Arts and Sciences

Ten faculty searches


One search is just concluding with a second just beginning


Two faculty searches

Education & Prof. Studies

Three faculty searches


One librarian search is in progress with another yet to occur

Also within Academic Affairs, the Provost has approved, and I support, a partial restoration of department chair stipends and some released time considerations, as well as a small restoration of OTPS funds for most departments.

Institutional Effectiveness and Enrollment Management


Financial Aid

One entry-level counselor


Due to much success in the area of fundraising, a reorganization within the division has created the need for an additional position, the specific duties of which are being developed.  

Bicentennial Plan

At the most recent meeting of the Faculty Senate I shared two documents: the revised Bicentennial Plan and the Biennial Goals for 2011-2013.  The Bicentennial Plan was originally drafted in 2007, based on many years of strategic planning on campus, to reflect our goals for the ten years leading up to the Bicentennial in 2016.  Since that time, conditions have changed dramatically and it became clear that we needed to revisit the plan and make some minor mid-course revisions.  The President’s Council began the revision over the summer.  At the fall retreat with the leaders of the Faculty Senate, we further analyzed the document and the proposed revisions.  The final product from that meeting is now available on the web at I hope that you take some time to consider the suggested revisions.  An anonymous web comment form is available for use if you wish to make suggestions about the revisions, by November 15.

Biennial Goals

The Goals and Planning Committee of the Faculty Senate developed biennial goals last spring for 2011-2013.  Over the summer the President’s Council also developed biennial goals and then sought to integrate them into the framework provided by the Faculty Senate.  At the fall retreat, we considered the whole range of goals and prioritized the resultant goals within each general category.  The fruit of this effort is also available on the web at I invite you to take a look and submit comments using the anonymous web form, by November 15.  Based on this consultation, I will finalize these two documents and then share them broadly with the campus.

Recognizing Diversity

  There is something that concerns me deeply. This semester, both here on campus and in the village there has been an increase in the number of racially charged incidents.  As an institution of higher education, we cannot, and will not, sit by and condone this through silence.  SUNY Potsdam is a diverse community celebrating our differences and learning from our diversity, as well as a watchful community remaining alert to the threats posed by hatred, intolerance and other injustices, and ever-prepared to combat them, goals embodied in our Potsdam Pledge (The Potsdam Pledge: 
  A group of faculty and staff have been meeting to generate short- and long-term responses, to include utilizing the Diversity In Action Coalition (Bias Response Team Training and Bias Response Hotline, for example), as well as creating civility programming to make our campus culture of openness clear, and to remind students who use racially-based slurs and insults that they can be charged through the Student Code of Conduct with harassment and/or disruptive behavior.  They may also be subject to an Affirmative Action complaint by the peer who was targeted by such action. Students who threaten violence in such situations may face more serious charges.

Shared Service Alliance Update


An update on the progress being made with SUNY Canton on shared services is available at

Campus Events & Activities

We find ourselves now at perhaps the busiest time of the semester, when so much is happening on campus.  The fall sports teams are concluding their seasons and the winter teams are just beginning to compete.  There are events on campus every night of the week, and many times more than one event to which one can attend.  Please remember to support our students in all of their activities as best you can by checking the events calendar at